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Aristocrats of Shepherds
The Akbash

March 1983, Rare Breeds Journal, p19

by Louise V. Emanuel

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, be they Akbash, Karabash or other color variation, are, in fact the aristocrats of the shepherd world.

Their numbers are small and select. Their appearance is lion-like with the grace, speed and agility of a cheetah. Spectacular in stance as adults, these large canines possess intelligence, loyalty, affection and superb guardian instincts toward family and property. This shepherd has the inate ability to appraise people they are introduced to, and express their feelings with exhuberance or aloofness.

The American Akbash Association was established by a group of novice and professional Anatolian Shepherd enthusiasts interested in the Akbash or all white dog. The Anatolian Shepherd is a distinct breed. The Akbash or all white Anatolian is a one color pattern of the breed. The preference to white has either been by design or by lack of exposure. The latter appears to be in the majority. For those who have not been exposed to other color and have not see that all other characteristics and conformation are the same, one would assume Akbash are a breed apart.

Akbash or white Anatolians are obtainable by continuous recessive breeding programs. This does not, however, disqualify littermates with coloring or spotting from being purebred Anatolians.

Akbash pups can be born with grey and fawn spotting as well as pure white. All white includes slight fawn or grey tinges on ears and dorsal area. This tinge usually disappears with the summer coat. Eye coloring can also vary from yellow, grey, brown, hazel to the most recent find - aqua blue.

Anatolian Akbash Dogs can be produced by Akbash parents, Karabash parents or other combinations. Obviously recessive plus recessive would give offspring the greatest consistency.

Turkish Imports of Akbash characteristics, in most cases have not come with any sort of guarantee of their lineage other than breed. It would be a horrible mistake to disqualify characteristic Anatolians from registry and proper recognition.

The American Akbash Association wishes to continue recessive breeding for Akbash Dogs and in every way possible support and perpetuate Anatolian Shepherds for the Western world to admire for the aristocrats they are.

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