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- part II

Specialization being what it is, all that is behind us now.  -- Or isn't it?

Does it appears to still be a part of the confusion when it comes to 'specialization' or lumping and splitting in the Anatolian?

According to what is known about the foundation dogs, the first imports arrived in 1978. It is quite remarkable how quickly historic events can become muddled by the arrival self-made experts.

Sometimes looking at papers written in the past can give a bit of insight into why things are, like they are now.

Here's an article written in the early-80's by one writer who had lived in Turkey, traveled remote regions extensively and did actually study these foundation dogs, their origins and their pedigrees.  

Perhaps the 'reputed' information from the other sources of which the writer speaks (more "he said, she said"?) concerning the 'founder' may not be accurate, but the photos themselves speak volumes...

How to invent a NEW BREED

~ Creating the Akbash ~


What is this so called:
           " a k b a s h " ?

Invented by a Mr. David Nelson of Bethesda, USA, in the hopes of financial gain.

While in Turkey ....he collected 3 related Anatolians which happened to be white.

On the Right:
Foundation bitch of his so called "breed" - when young - "Cybele White Bird" (import)
Cybele White Bird
Cybele White Bird

Natasha - Daughter of Cybele White Bird
Natasha - Daughter of Cybele White Bird
Bitch puppy out of the above bitch: "Natasha".

Young Anatolians in summer coat do tend to be skinny.

The claim was immediately made that this white version was distinctly "Saluki Type"!

Unfortunately given the lie by Natasha's littermate - see below, Ottoman White Bird . . .

Further complications arose with later generations, as the "chinchilla" gene responsible for white/off-white coats, is SEMI DOMINANT to "ay" or Spotted.

Fawn and spotted puppies resulted, which Mr. Nelson demanded :
   "should all be destroyed,"

Reputedly, he then crossed them with Pyreneans so as to make the coats " whiter " and later: with gazehounds, to "regain" a slim look". No wonder they are now such a peculiar mixture (in the U.S.A.)

Ottoman White Bird - Natasha's littermate
Ottoman White Bird

Cybele White Bird
Cybele White Bird
Does an "akbash breed" exist??

Certainly NOT!

The F.C.I., after careful consideration -finally dismissed all such claims at their November 1989 Madrid Meeting, and decreed that henceforth all white Anatolians should be exhibited alongside their fawn and tricolour relatives.

The same situation exists in the U.K. and Australia, where all coat colours are allowed. The only National Champion in Australia - is a nearly white Anatolian (with some spotting).

Right: mature bitch Cybele White Bird, while nursing a litter. With her is the Nelson child. This bitch is the "Foundation Stock" of a hoped for " new breed " . . .

Left: Mr. David Nelson, with the male: Ottoman White Bird. At no time could he indicate the L O C A T I O N where his "discovery" - a pure white breed is supposed to exist in Anatolia!

Ottoman White Bird
Saluki Type?!

Ottoman White Bird
Nelson with foundation sire

Left: head study of Ottoman White Bird. (photos supplied by Mr. Nelson!)

Do you - in all honesty - call this
" a Saluki Type "????

- text by Natalka Czartoryska



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